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Art Sobczak on Contact Marketing bloopers and can’t miss tactics


When you ask famed sales trainer, thought leader and author of Smart Calling Art Sobczak how to break through to VIP prospects, you're about to hear a lot of brilliant ideas.  Everything from solid, basic uses of social media to over-the-top Contact Campaigns involving disposable phones, car parts and more.  In this episode, he tells the story of how CNBC host and legendary ad man Donny Deutch once sent a succession of car parts, every half hour, to the president of the Tri-State Pontiac Dealers Associaton, until the fellow relented and awarded him the account.  It doubled the size of Deutch's agency overnight.  But as Art reminds us, you can't base a career on sales tricks.  He says you've got to have the fundamentals down cold and when you do, Contact Marketing will help you change the scale of your career or enterprise rapidly as well.

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